Niki Havecost, Sculptor and Printmaker

A process of of growth, evolution and restoration. In this episode my guest is Niki Havecost, a Minnesota artist who works and teaches in Rochester Minnesota. Niki actively exhibits her work in galleries and has been teaching drawing and printmaking since 1999. Currently she teaches at the Rochester Art Center. I was very intrigued […]

Daniel Ballesteros – Photographer   This episode was originally going to be a blog post about Daniel Ballesteros, following a presentation he made here at UCONN last October. His body of work and the technical requirements of his photographic process, wet plate colloidal were evocative and and engaging, but what struck me most powerfully is that he was […]

Shards Play in new window | DownloadShards This month’s book review is a challenging and insightful collection of essays by Garth Clark focusing on two areas of ceramic art: profiles of significant ceramic artists and articles critiquing the history and nature of the ceramic field in the United States. There are many interesting articles to […]

Elliott Katz, Sculptor, Photographer Play in new window | DownloadMultimedia Sculptor Elliot Katz is my guest this month. He recently graduated UCONN’s MFA program and he is currently the Studio Manager at Seven Below Arts Initiative, a residency program in Burlington Vermont. Check Elliott’s portfolio and as you can see, photography plays a significant and unusual role in […]

The Pot Book by Edmund de Waal Play in new window | DownloadThe Pot Book, written and edited by Edmund de Waal and Claudio Clare, presents an idiosyncratic odyssey into the history of ceramics.  The book is arranged alphabetically, with each page offering a peak into the creative diversity of the people, places and ideas that represents the heritage of today’s […]

Shane Morrissey, Sculptor Creativity …is problem solving that allows you to communicate clearly My guest this month is Shane Morrissey. I spoke with Shane April last year following his completion of the MFA program at the University of Connecticut. During our conversation we discussed his experience with art as he grew up and the residency experiences that prepared him […]

Stayin’ Alive – Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist Play in new window | DownloadBusiness advice for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty The subject of this month’s book review is about business strategies for creative individuals who decide to make a living through their own wits and skill. Robin Hopper, the author of this book, is a professional potter […]

Micah Cash, Painter and Photographer Play in new window | DownloadMicah Cash is a painter and photographer who graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2014. His work focuses on landscapes that are a combination of natural and manmade activity. He uses the two media to present different perspectives of the same location. The result is visual a conversation […]

NCECA Providence – Day 3 Play in new window | DownloadFriday March 27 was my third and final day attending NCECA’s Providence RI conference. In the podcast I talk about a number of presentations I attended including one on artist collaboration, packaging strategies for shipping artwork and learning about apprenticeships as an alternative to graduate school. The first of […]