NCECA Providence – Day 3

Friday March 27 was my third and final day attending NCECA’s Providence RI conference. In the podcast I talk about a number of presentations I attended including one on artist collaboration, packaging strategies for shipping artwork and learning about apprenticeships as an alternative to graduate school.

vitruviananThe first of two outstanding experiences for me was learning how to sculpt a figure proportionately using the principle of dividing the body in eighths using the principles of Vitruvian man.

The second revelation was watching Gustavo Perez work on stage. I provided a link to the Google Images page showing his work, but I haven’t found his own site so here’s a Pinterest page of a fan of his work.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates his facility with clay.

Here’s a much shorter video where he talks about his work.

Last of all you’ll hear me talk about the Annual Cup Sale for the benefit of NCECA scholarships. You can get an idea of the wide variety of pots that are donated from the image gallery below.

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