Niki Havecost, Sculptor and Printmaker

A process of of growth, evolution and restoration.

firstgirl, courtesy of Niki Havecost

In this episode my guest is Niki Havecost, a Minnesota artist who works and teaches in Rochester Minnesota.

Niki actively exhibits her work in galleries and has been teaching drawing and printmaking since 1999. Currently she teaches at the Rochester Art Center.

pincushion& measuringspoons
pincushion & measuring spoons, courtesy of Niki Havecost

I was very intrigued by the story of her passage from student to professional artist. Her comment, about being a better person if she’s making work rather than if she’s not, echoes the sentiments of many artists that I’ve spoken with in the past. There seems to be something precious and rare within each one of us that, once discovered, haunts us and compels us to seek greater depths within ourselves.

I think you’ll  also be inspired by her perspective as an artist in midlife. Her openness toward embracing the inevitable changes that occur throughout the many stages of life is a hopeful challenge for anyone with creative aspirations.

Untitled-213, courtesy of Niki Havecost

When I got in touch with Niki to set up this interview she was waiting to hear back from a Fellowship she had applied for in Minnesota. Unfortunately she didn’t get it, but during the interview she made some insightful comments about the experience itself and the positive impact it had on the way she views her work.

Check out her portfolio representing a wider range of work, including beaded work, drawings, animal figures and her Ligature installation.

:: Music by The Four Seasons – Rag Doll

Mend and Measure Install, courtesy of Niki Havecost


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