Shane Morrissey, Sculptor

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shane_morrissey1My guest this month is Shane Morrissey. I spoke with Shane April last year following his completion of the MFA program at the University of Connecticut. During our conversation we discussed his experience with art as he grew up and the residency experiences that prepared him for the two year graduate program at UCONN.

Geodes Grouping, courtesy of Shane Morrissey

I enjoyed his lighthearted approach to his work as an artist and the optimism he displayed regarding his future opportunities. Some of my highlights of our conversation include his view of the role of failure in advancing his work, his commitment to work and the insights he offered in acquiring residencies and getting into shows.

Geode, courtesy of Shane Morrissey

As you look at the work on this page and through his portfolio I think you’ll see the stamp of his optimistic and playful character on his work.

Since completing his MFA Shane has moved to New York. He will be exhibiting in Home Improvement,  Rock Street Outdoor Exhibition, Brooklyn NY, June 6-7 2015.

Currently he is participating in the BRIC Media Arts Fellowship, which offers free training and equipment for producing and editing video.

Cactus Field, courtesy of Shane Morrissey

I’ve included his suggested book list he below. In the interview he mentioned a book he called the Sculpture Reader. I’ve included two with a similar name – yet more books to add to my bookshelf.

Modern Sculpture Reader
A Sculpture Reader
The Lure of the Local
The Poetics of Space


shane_morrissey_cacti::Music – Huey Lewis and the News: Working for a Living

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