Stayin’ Alive – Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist

Business advice for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty
Robin Hopper

The subject of this month’s book review is about business strategies for creative individuals who decide to make a living through their own wits and skill. Robin Hopper, the author of this book, is a professional potter with more than 50 years of business experience which he brings to bear on this topic. I think you’ll find that his commonsense advice about making your business grow will fit the needs of any individual, regardless of the medium they employ.

stayinaliveWhen I review a book I like to highlight a few points that I think represent the book as a whole. The point is to entice you to read the book itself, not read it for you. I’m making a special case with of this book by reviewing each chapter because there is so much good advice that I can afford to present a thorough overview while barely scratching the surface.

I have structured this episode into the chapters as they appear in the book. Here you’ll find the chapter headings and their timecode, if you want to skip ahead. The chapter titles identify the content of each section.

00:14 Introduction:

08:03 1. Finding the Real You

15:29 2. Learning to be Businesslike

20:12 3. Pricing and Marketing

26:02 4. Promotion and Development of Personal Image

32:24 5. Legal Considerations

34:02 6. Financial Considerations

35:05 7. Achieving Visibility in the Art World

37:41 8. Photographing Works of Art

39:66  Personal Commentary

I would like to admit a clumsy error that may lead to some confusion. As I made notes I tried to indicate when I was pulling exact quotes from the author, but as I continued through the book I got sloppy, which may make it difficult to separate the author’s voice from my commentary.

To avoid any confusion and the implication that I am taking ownership of his ideas, I would say that most of the information covered in this episode belongs to Robin Hopper and I’m  accountable for obvious commentary, and  references to technology or social media that have advanced since this book was published in 2003.

:: Music by the BeeGees: Staying Alive

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