The Pot Book by Edmund de Waal

thepotbook_mThe Pot Book, written and edited by Edmund de Waal and Claudio Clare, presents an idiosyncratic odyssey into the history of ceramics.  The book is arranged alphabetically, with each page offering a peak into the creative diversity of the people, places and ideas that represents the heritage of today’s ceramic artists.

If words are enough, you can view portions of the book online at the publisher’s site.

Heidi Bjorgan
Heidi Bjorgan

Claudia Clare’s Blog

Pottery Wars



Kamoda Shoji


Untitled 2007
Ruth Duckworth, Untitled 2007

Ruth Duckwork

Kitaoji Rosanjin


Theodor Bolger
Theodor Bolger

:: Music: Circle Game –  Judi Collins

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